The increasing number of customers functions, the increased complexity of chassis and drive functions cause a steady increasing in the amount of data in the vehicle.

To accelerate the processes of ECU diagnostics and programming, this Ethernet access was specified. With this standardized interface, a central single access in the vehicle was established.

The vehicle itself can exchange data, as identifiable data communication partner on the network, peer to peer with a tester. The Ethernet vehicle access (DoIP), will be used by the tester for rapid communication with the vehicle for the diagnosis and programming.

The DoIP module is a operating system independent software unit which is responsible for transmission diagnostic communication between test equipment and vehicle electronic components using Internet Protocol (IP).

The TCP  socket is using the  port 13400 for  DATA  messages  and  the UDP  socket is using the port  13400 for  vehicle information requests and control commands from the external test equipment according to the specification.

The DoIP Integration code (DoIPServer) realizes the operating system dependent code, which binds the TCP/UDP sockets and ports and listening them with calling the appropriate modules from DoIP.


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