Automotive Bus Converter

Makes different buses work together



The CETITEC Automotive Bus Converter (ABC) connects different field buses like CAN, MOST, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet on a telegram level, signal level or even in a bitwise way. It converts varying physical layers as well as different protocols and timings. Signals and bus states are routed in real-time. The Automotive Bus Converter converts different signals and units and synchronizes buses with different speeds. For applications such as flashing*, diagnostics* or a direct bidirectional signal link to the PC the Automotive Bus Converter is equipped with Ethernet and an USB 2.0 interface for high bandwidth access.


Preferred Requirements:

The Automotive Bus Converter supports an easy transformation of information (based on telegram or signal level) between different automotive bus systems in terms of:

  • bus systems on different speeds or different physical layers
  • different transportation protocols*
  • adaptation of bus specific features like MOST notification mechanism
  • different message timing on source and target bus
  • different transmission timing for outgoing messages (e.g. cyclically or follow-up style)
  • changing of transmission types (e.g. from cyclic transmission to an event driven ‘send-on-change’ manner or vice versa)
  • 1:n or n:1 message to signal translations
  • powerful signal and message management for initial, void and default values

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