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The CETITEC Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) driver-stack and the CETITEC EveryIP (TM) Middleware-Framework together with the CETITEC field proven work-flow are a comprehensive solution for the creation of state of the art automotive infotainment systems as well as single devices.

CETITEC solutions are implementing the AVB standard used for upcoming Ethernet-based automotive entertainment. The functionality covers Audio-Talker and Audio-Listener, Video-Talker and Video-Listener as well as clock-recovery and timing-synchronization.

The CETITEC AVB components are developed according to the IEEE 802.x standard and are available off the shelf for mass production.

The control software components provide functionality for Diagnosis over IP (DoIP), Remote Procedure Calls and Service Discovery according to SomeIP specification. EveryIP  covers all functionality of remote procedure calls and payload encoding/decoding as well as for the propagation and discovery of services. The stub-code as basis for the implementations of business-logic is generated by the CETITEC Integra code-generator.


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