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Automotive Communication System (ACS) includes a framework for embedded application development and a tool chain increasing the productivity of application programmers.
ACS provides a comprehensive set of APIs for easing application development including definitions of MOST specific data types and function classes as well as standard functionality like notification inside a rich class library. ACS is available for C++ as well as for Java.

ACS MOST Application Generator (Integra) reads XML file based MOST function catalogs to generate user selectable Function Block and Shadow interface logic for your application.
ACS framework architecture allows multiple application processes to participate in MOST communication in a dynamic, scalable and message driven way without any need for call back or pre-processor based element definitions.
ACS architecture allows seamless distribution of applications on multiple CPUs, even driven by different operating systems sharing one physical MOST node.


Concentrates on programming behavioral aspects and business logic by generation of MOST interface logic and data types rather than retyping MOST function catalogs.

Designed for portability to various operating systems (OS) and integration scenarios available for static and dynamic operating systems including multi-CPU scenarios (in-line and tree-topology supported for interconnection of different CPUs).

Customization by implementing own specific feature requests on application level which are not part of the MOST specification but rather OEM-driven.

Various devices connected via MOST interact with synchronous and asynchronous communication to create an end user experience of a rich and comfortable multimedia and infotainment environment. The devices build increase in complexity and apply many consumer electronics technologies to the automotive environment. Often, two or even more embedded CPUs, sometimes of different types and with varying operating systems, are integrated in one device connected via inter-processor communication (IPC). Thus, both communications over field buses and device internal distributed communications is a paramount challenge in such classes of embedded automotive devices. CETITEC meets that challenge with the Automotive Communication System to make workflows easier for OEMs as well as suppliers.

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