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CETITEC is the leading Company in the Market for Automotive Gateway-Solutions (Firmware and Tooling) between various Field Bus-Systems (e.g. CAN ®, MOST ®, Flex-Ray®, Ethernet) and Automotive Framework products including Application Generators for MOST ®.

The construction of a new vehicle begins from different Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) such as Porsche, GM, Honda, Daimler, Audi. Tier one companies are the second most important member of a chain, supplying components directly to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that set up the chain.

The complexity of modern electronic control units (ECUs) and the required set of their mainly based on software features are constantly growing. At the same time however, the number of car models along with its’ complexities have increased while development time to market has been greatly reduced. This trend has led to tier-one suppliers being forced into the role of being a 3rd party software integrator and device manufacturer.

And this niche in close cooperation with an OEM takes the Cetitec with its products. Sometimes Cetitec is acting as a tier one (for example by providing ABC, Automotive Bus Converter that supports an easy transformation of information between different automotive bus systems). Otherwise Cetitec is carrying on the supply for tier one companies ( ACS: Automotive Communication System, UGW: Universal Gateway, routes information between automotive devices between different Automotive Bus Systems in real-time).

CETITEC is currently working with the most renowned car manufacturers to produce state of the art software solutions whenever the market demands. CETITEC’s software solutions have created a “brand” which provides an instant return of investments immediately after the beta release. In combination with complex field bus networks of MOST, Ethernet, Universal Gateway (UGW) or Automotive Communication System (ACS), CETITEC’s products offer capabilities that are unique to the market. CETITEC’s Gateway-Test-System (GTS), an automated testing of gateway functionality, is also a product that has not been reproduced by any known competitors.

CETITEC USA Inc. was established in 2016 in USA as an independent Corporation to support our growing number of clients inside the United States It was founded from the embedded software business, as well as the consulting and support businesses of Cetitec GmbH.





Porsche invests in software specialist Cetitec 

Porsche newsroom


CET d.o.o. branch office in Zagreb, Croatia


Cetitec USA, Inc.- the wholly owned subsidiary of the Cetitec GmbH, Germany- was established in USA


CET – Cutting Edge Technologies d.o.o. – an independent sister-company- was established in Cakovec, Croatia.


23.10.2012 CETITEC GmbH was established in Pforzheim, Germany, spin out from K2L GmbH as a separate business.

Before CETITEC GmbH (with K2L GmbH)


Co-integration of UGW with AUTOSAR platforms
Co-integration of AMF/ACS with Genivi ACS audio drivers available for Linux (ALSA)/QNX
ACS available for QNX/TEngine


Development of seamless smart phone connection


Automotive Bus Converter with Ethernet backbone


MOST150 driver


Windows CE MOST® Driver


Developed first CAN/FlexRay™ gateway worldwide


Start of development for first UGW generation Development of fully automated routing test system


Development of MOST application framework


MMI development for instrument cluster


Successful completion of first CAN/MOST Gateway worldwide


K2L GmbH was established in Pforzheim, Germany



Andriy Poltavtsev

Andriy Poltavtsev


Mr. Poltavtsev studied Electrical Engineering at the National Aerospace University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. From May 2005 until November 2012 he was Manager Engineering of the K2L GmbH. Mr. Poltavtsev is married. He speaks German, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Thomas Keicher

Thomas Keicher


Mr. Keicher studied Electrical Engineering in Heidelberg, Germany. After working for Alcatel AG in Paris, France he moved to Alcatel in Pforzheim. From 1999 untill 2012 Mr. Keicher was CEO and co-founder of the K2L GmbH. Mr. Keicher is married and has 2 children. Mr. Keicher speaks German and English.

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Wir sind äußerst teamorientiert, die  gemeinsame Ziele sind uns sehr wichtig!

Innerhalb der letzten 5 Jahren sehr schnell gewachsen:

Die CETiTEC Gruppe besteht heute weltweit aus mehr als 90 Mitarbeitern in Deutschland, Kroatien und den Vereinigten Staaten. Im Jahr 2012 waren es noch 27 Mitarbeitern am einzigen Standort in Deutschland. 
Wir sind ein internationales Team: Wir sprechen Deutsch und Englisch, Kroatien und Ukrainisch, Spanisch und Russisch, Mandarin und Hindi.
Know-how und Fachwissen sind uns sehr wischtig und wir arbeiten an einem ständigen Erfahrungsaustausch. Um höchste Qualitätsziele zu erreichen arbeitet unsere Softwreentwicklung eng mit unserer Test-Abteilung zusammen.  

Das Wohlergehen unserer Mitarbeiter und ihren Familien liegt uns sehr am Herzen. Deshalb achten wir auf eine gute Work-Live-Balance.

Wir bieten flexible Arbeitszeiten, eine attraktive Vergütung samt Bonus Programm und umfassende Sozialleistungen:
Die CETiTEC USA hilft ihren Mitarbeitern mit dem Zukunftaufbau mit IRA-Plan.  Wir achten sehr auf Wollbefinden und Gesundheit und bieten die Krankenversicherungen an.
Sportliche Aktivitäten fordern wir durch eine kostenlose Mitgliedschaft in einem Fitnessstudio Metro Fitness für unsere Mitarbeiter und ihre Familien.

Wir reisen viel um die talentierte Studierende zu treffen, wir besuchen die Universitäten und bleiben  in engem Kontakt um sicher zu sein, dass unsere Mitarbeiter ihre Arbeit und ihr Leben genießen.

Haben sie Interesse bei uns in Deutschland, Kroatien oder den Vereinigten Staaten zu arbeiten? Dann erfahren sie mehr über uns! Setzen sie sich mit uns in Verbindung oder kommen sie einfach vorbei um uns kennenzulernen!



I'm most interested in system/cyber security. I enjoy playing video games and playing with my dog in my free time.



Allowing associates freedom to solve technical problems on their own while giving them every opportunity to succeed.



I like difficult technical challenges that require creative problem-solving. I am a Columbus native, I enjoy hiking and video games.



My professional interests include C++ and embedded systems. My hobbies are traveling, Sci-Fi books and computer games.



I write compact code with too many comments in C, C++, and Java. I like to change, customize, and break both hardware and software.



I am fond of solving interesting problems with interesting consequences. Coding, reading, cooking, or painting in my free time.



I like to create practical applications for people using Python in my free time. Enjoy spending weekends exploring the Columbus Short North.

Gopi Chand

Gopi Chand

I like writing C/C++ programming for embedded system. My hobbies are fishing, badmington and electronic hobby projects.

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